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Risk and compliance

Refinitiv Due Diligence

With over 20 years experience serving the global due diligence market, we offer a range of due diligence services to help organizations mitigate risk.

In today’s environment, there is a growing need for data driven approach to due diligence providing customers with detailed insights and ratings about who they engage in business relationships with, including customers, suppliers, investment opportunities and applicants for citizenships.

That is why our due diligence leverages one of the largest in-house analyst teams in the market and our global network comprises trusted professionals that are able to offer on-the-ground intelligence, that takes into account the myriad implications of differing local environments and customs. This ensures that we can provide complete, consistent, high-quality services, solutions and insights .

Empowering you to make informed business decisions

Refinitiv Due Diligence reports can provide automated insights, standard and enhanced due diligence. They are suitable for any sector or business size, situated in any location in the world. Based on your organization’s risk-based approach and internal policies you can rate your suppliers and third parties.

Moreover, you can continue to monitor your suppliers and third parties with our proprietary workflow Due Diligence Centre, or absorb data into your own or partners solution via APIs, the choice is yours. 

Find out more about the holistic suite of solutions from Refinitiv Due Diligence helping you ensure compliance with regulations, protect your reputation, and give you the information you need to make truly informed decisions. 


Why we are trusted worldwide

Deep domain expertise

We have over two decades of delivering invaluable due diligence support to the global financial and corporate sectors

Trusted information sources

Our due diligence leverages unrivalled proprietary and partner data assets to deliver intelligence for a range of use cases.

Global coverage with local knowledge

We have over 500 analysts worldwide, speaking 65 languages, who know the local nuances and details, even where information may typically be less reliable.