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Investment migration

Citizenship by investment due diligence

For over a decade we have been a trusted due diligence provider supporting governments, regulators, civil society, as well as agents and law firms in mitigating risks with Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Residency by Investment (RBI) programs across the globe

A common challenge for citizenship by investment program administrators is being able to quickly and efficiently verify information and claims about an investor's background.

Information can be difficult to find because countries have different documentation requirements, and those who are deliberately abusing or try to circumvent the citizenship by investment process are developing more sophisticated strategies.  Furthermore, the response and decision making for applications needs to be fast due to increasing competition in the Investment Migration sector.  Therefore, an effective verification process is a vital component of a successful investor migration program.

What is Citizenship by Investment due diligence?

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Residency by Investment (RBI) programs are an effective method of raising capital investment and attracting talent and experience that help to boost regional economic growth. However, any significant inflow of cash brings a risk of money laundering or financial impropriety.

Closer scrutiny of the investment migration (IM) sector has led to recommendation by civil society and regulators to implement effective enhanced due diligence processes so that only reputable and honest investors are allowed to obtain citizenship.  Each investor application therefore requires a thorough and careful audit to mitigate any security, financial crime, and reputational risks.  This is known as citizenship by investment due diligence.

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Our solution

Safeguard the integrity of your immigration investment program

Refinitiv has been a worldwide trusted due diligence partner for CBI and RBI programs for a decade. 

Our Enhanced Due Diligence Immigration and Citizenship report provides a thorough and detailed background check on any individual, no matter where they are located. 

This report verifies all vital information necessary for decision-making and presents insight into:

  • Education credentials 
  • Company associations 
  • Physical address 
  • Employment records 
  • Track records 
  • Competencies 
  • Potential conflicts of interest 
  • Political and criminal links 

In addition business conduct and reputation history are analyzed, and a thorough search is made for hidden liabilities.

Request a Citizenship by Investment due diligence report to understand and manage risk with confidence.


Why we are trusted worldwide

Discover the benefits of working with us for your Citizenship by Investment due diligence needs

Accredited processes

We are the only provider with ISAE 3000 certification for our technology and process, endorsed by an external auditor. Our secure online portal makes it easy to order, track and administer your report requirements with ISAE 3000 certification.

Focus on quality and ethics

We know where to look in the search for information that may be difficult to find. We understand the importance of the intelligence that we provide, and all our research is conducted to strict service levels and stringent quality control and within the highest ethical standards.

Global coverage with local knowledge

Our research analysts are strategically located around the world and speak multiple local languages. Most information contained in our reports is sourced from primary data sources in the relevant country and in the prevailing local language. Native-speaking analysts pick up on the subtleties in the text in a way that multilingual speakers do not.

Industry Working Group

We are leading the way

Refinitiv has been a trusted partner for the due diligence process for Citizenship by Investment (CBI ) and Residency by Investment (RBI) programs around the world for a decade. Our Enhanced Due Diligence services assist in risk management and allow governments to safeguard the integrity of their programs, and moreover, to illustrate that mitigating related security risks is high on their list of priorities.

Specific to the IM sector, we provide thought leadership to the industry, share best practice related to risk management and due diligence, and enable knowledge exchange across different stakeholders – including governments, regulators, civil society, as well as agents and law firms active in the sector.

Discover our resources to download the latest reports from our due diligence working group which examine the state of play of due diligence in the investment migration sector and explore best practice across the industry.

We are pleased to present the independent overview of current status, trends and best risk management practice recommendations for Investment Migration sector - a result of a unique cooperation among industry practitioners and experts through Due Diligence Working Group organized by Investment Migration Council.
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