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Risk and Compliance Insights

Gain leading insights based on our unmatched access to data and human expertise. Our blogs, videos, special reports, research and thought leadership detail how the risk and compliance professionals are embracing new technologies and processes.

Compliance professionals across the globe - whether in the financial services sector, regulated companies or the corporate sector - must navigate an ever-expanding regulatory and legislative landscape. Having access to relevant industry insight and expert commentary is vital to keep abreast of changes and prepare to tackle both new and existing challenges. 

Anti-money laundering legislation has ramped up, with many new and enhanced regulations looking at a lack of transparency of company ownership, identity verification, and a myriad of other issues. The pandemic has also increased the need for more stringent oversight. Digitisation and automation are now playing a big role in the compliance space.

New risks are emerging – including risks associated with cryptocurrencies, cybercrime, an increased focus on human rights violations, green crime and increased public pressure on companies to be more accountable in the way they do business. With new and existing risks and enforcements intensifying, the need for robust third-party risk management has never been stronger.

We have combined resources on emerging trends and how to effectively meet challenges while boosting operational efficiencies, to help you make good business decisions.

Financial crime compliance insights

Our financial crime insights offer a view of the complex landscape of financial crime risk across financial institutions and other regulated companies. We highlight how quality data, technology, human expertise and strategic partnerships can assist in uncovering and mitigating these potential risks.


Refinitiv Financial Crime Podcast

Refinitiv Financial Crime Conversation podcast is a fascinating series where we explore the true cost of financial crime. We meet the people behind the crime statistics, and hear how financial and corporate communities, private individuals, NGOs and regulatory bodies are combating such activity.

Third-party risk insights

Our third-party risk insights offer a view of risks which affect businesses, their supply chains and distribution networks - from integrity, identity, operational to financial, cyber and ESG risks. We look at how data, tools and analytics can assist while increasing efficiency, transparency and growth in your business.