Risk and compliance resources

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    How fintechs can address AML challenges

    Find out how Fintech companies are addressing Anti Money Laundering (AML) challenges and impact of post-Covid hyper-digitalisation on the financial service industry.

    Effective third-party risk strategy in uncertain times

    Download our white paper to find out how building an effective third-party risk strategy can be the key to survival in uncertain times.

    Future-proofing against supply chain disruption

    The playbook provides a range of detailed steps and checklists to help organizations prepare for and manage crisis-related supply chain disruption as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    Connected Data Strategy for Financial Services

    Download the latest Refinitiv report to understand why a connected data strategy is crucial for financial services firms to unlock the business value of data.

    Volatility and the Sharpe Ratio in the Equity Markets in the Covid-19 Era

    This paper investigates stock returns and the Sharpe Ratio for the period of 2020-2021 in the United States and other geographic regions around the world.

    ESG Social Metrics

    Read our white paper to find out the five common myths related to the "S" in ESG and learn practical ways to improve social metrics in investment analysis.

    Global sanctions index

    Access our Global Sanctions Index (GSI) white paper, and learn more about sanctions inflation and the consequences to society and institutions.

    Refinitiv analysis of boutique M&A fees

    Read the latest analysis on boutique M&A fees by Refinitiv

    2021 ESG Playbook

    Explore 24 ESG investing trends that will gain momentum in 2021 according to 25 industry influencers and experts.

    Allocating the World's Carbon Budget

    It is unrealistic to expect emissions to fall at the same speed in all countries and in all sectors. But who should be doing the cutting, by how much and how fast to meet net-zero targets?