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Financial Crime in
Sub-Saharan Africa 2021

Revealing changing attitudes and responses to regulation and financial crime across the continent.

Our second report on financial crime in Sub-Saharan Africa tracks both the obvious and unseen trends and challenges in the fight against financial crime, providing compliance practitioners and senior executives the ability to benchmark their current activity.

Access the full report to find out:

  • Key trends for Africa-based organisations including innovative technology, environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk and disrupted third party relationships
  • How compliance budgets are spent on transitioning to digital, meeting the needs of their business and customers, and achieving regulators’ expectations.
  • Why ESG risk is heightened for Africa-based organisations, and how technology and data will play a crucial role in disrupting crime networks. 
  • 46%
    of respondents are board members, management or business owners
  • 40%
    from companies with 250+ employees
  • 44%
    are in a company with a presence in two or more countries
  • 57%
    have experienced financial crime within the past five years

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Financial crime in sub-saharan africa 2021 report
Regulatory change continues to create complexity, with recent changes to anti-money laundering, sanctions and privacy regulations adding to the list of risk and compliance tasks.

Key content

How vulnerable are SSA-based organisations?

39% do not have an anti-bribery and corruption programme.

Is technology the answer?

53% expect a significant change in their technology in the next 2 years.

It is possible to manage risk in a fast-changing environment?

Only 33% have a sanctions programme in a time of growing sanctions risk.