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Financial Crime in the Middle East and North Africa 2021

Revealing the changing attitudes and responses to regulation and financial crime across the region

How have MENA-based risk and compliance teams coped in a time of disruption and fast-paced regulatory change?

Our seventh annual report on financial crime in MENA tracks the changing norms, standards and attitudes around compliance and the fight against financial crime, providing risk and compliance executives the opportunity to benchmark their programmes.

This year, the survey probes the impact of the pandemic on regional compliance trends.

Access the full report to find out:

  • The key trends and challenges facing MENA-based organisations
  • Where risk and compliance executives are focusing their energy
  • Why data quality and accessibility to trusted data streams are crucial to risk management
  • 50%
    risk, AML, compliance, financial crime and audit industry professionals.
  • 37%
    are either managers or business owners.
  • 55%
    from companies with 250+ employees.
  • 46%
    have experienced financial crime in the past five years.

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The world of finance and business has experienced such massive disruption over the past year, and in a time of accelerating change, regulators are demanding even more detail. It has never been more important to take a long-term view and plan strategically. This report can help risk and compliance executives benchmark their progress and plan for the future.

Key content

How has Covid-19 impacted risk?

51% of respondents say they have experienced new risk challenges.

Rapid digitalisation

34% adjust their programmes to accommodate rapid digitalisation of financial services.

Changing regulatory focus

Only 3% expect UBO details to be a focus of increased compliance activity over the next two years.