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Supply chain disruption

Future-proofing against supply chain disruption

This Refinitiv playbook will help you navigate your way through supply chain disruptions

We are launching a practical toolkit for supply chain professionals faced with crisis events

The playbook provides a range of detailed steps (plays) and checklists to help organizations prepare for and manage crisis-related supply chain disruption as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Drawn from insights from our 2020 supply chain webinar series, where in-house specialists and selected external experts discussed the impact a crisis  such as the coronavirus pandemic has on an organization’s supply chain and steps to take to minimize and manage the disruption successfully.

Access the playbook to discover:

  • How crises impact supply chains at both a macro and micro level
  • Why managing business and compliance continuity is critical
  • Steps for building a dynamic and resilient supply chain by handling jurisdictional supply chain exposure and managing criticality exposure
  • What to consider when adapting your supply chain in a crisis
  • How to deal with supply and demand challenges efficiently
  • How the right data can help you understand the immediate implications to your supply chain
  • Examples for managing disruption and risk in global markets
  • Strategies for minimizing crisis-related risk

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You can’t check everything all the time. Therefore you want to look at the highest risk and do it based off real facts.

Linda Rogers

Global Compliance Manager, Pentair
You need to understand where the weak links in your supply chain are and where and how you can pivot in the event that a disruption occurs.

Nicholas Belani

EDD Transformation Manager, Refinitiv