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Risk and compliance

Third-party risk

Make sure all of your business relationships are built on solid foundations, satisfy regulators, and also meet shareholder and customer expectations around corporate responsibility, reputational risk, and transparency.

Safeguard your organization from exposure to third parties who have breached financial crime legislation or displayed unethical business practices. 

With rising regulatory pressure, emerging focus on reputational risk and more complex supply chains, third-party risk management is becoming increasingly important in the corporate sector. Trends such as the growing number and complexity of third-party relationships, rising fines and penalties, and growing demand for responsible operations have led to third-party risk management becoming a critical activity for organizations.

How we help

Detect and access risks in your third-party relationships

Business relationships with suppliers, vendors, distributors, agents and joint venture partners should built on solid foundations, satisfy regulators, and also meet shareholder and customer expectations around corporate responsibility, reputational risk, and transparency.

As a reliable and trusted provider of market leading risk intelligence data​, our solutions can help you drive a comprehensive risk-based program, whilst increasing efficiency and growth in your business and supply chain.

We provide screening, monitoring, and risk assessment tools, informed by accurate, comprehensive, and inter-connected risk data sources to help you comply with global legislation on anti-bribery, anti-corruption, and associated financial crime.


Why we are trusted worldwide

Trusted information sources

Various human intelligence sources, leveraging structured World-Check Risk Intelligence data accredited with ISAE 3000 standard.

Early warning system

We detect hidden risk in the supply chain that allows for prevention of regulatory fines, reputational damage and loss of trust from customers, shareholders and investors

More beyond sanctions

We cover 100% of all sanctioned entities globally and 75% of database consists of profiles of fraud, bribery & corruption, terrorism, organised crime and exploitation.


Explore our third-party risk solutions

Our solutions help you detect, assess and minimize potential risks associated with your suppliers, distributors and partners, and regularly monitor them for any change in status.



Discover our third-party risk insights

Our third-party risk insights offer a view of the many types of risks which affect business’s and supply chains, from integrity, identity, operational to financial and those linked to ESG. 

We look at how our data, tools and analytics can assist whilst increasing efficiency and growth in your business and supply chain.