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Third-party risk

Supply chain risk

Protect your supply chain from regulatory and reputational risk by conducting thorough due diligence on your suppliers before and throughout a business relationship.

Globalization’s impact on present and future supply chains cannot be underestimated.

Often what leads to mishaps is not the complexity of supply chains but the lack of management, transparency and monitoring, which are fundamental factors from the start of the supply chain through to the end-consumer.

Organizations need to fully understand their regulatory compliance obligations. Having a thorough understanding of anti-bribery and corruption regulations, such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA,) the UK Bribery Act and of any sanctions risk that a supplier or third party may pose, is key. The consistent implementation of a risk-based compliance program is crucial. And exposure to reputational risk needs to be taken into account, for example, a supplier that is associated to human rights abuses or environmental violations can compromise your company’s good standing.

What is supply chain risk management?

By conducting due diligence on your suppliers to assess any risk they may pose, you are able to make informed decisions about whether to onboard or continue a business relationship.

This should take into account Strategic, Financial, Legal and Reputation risks - each of which your business might be exposed to.

It is important that supply chain due diligence is conducted at the start of a proposed relationship, and there should be continual monitoring for any change in risk exposure throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

Our solution

Keep ahead of the risks

We can help you to be more aware of your supply chain challenges and be in a position to take steps to address them. We can assist you to operate more efficiently, penetrate new markets with confidence and help you to grow your profitability. Our solutions offer you:

Transparency and agility – Gain in-depth knowledge of your third-parties and safeguard against any operational and reputational hazards, or sanctions, especially when onboarding new suppliers.

Depth of insight – Obtain a holistic picture of your supplier and any potential risks with our due diligence reports. Each report features adverse media searches in media and internet sources, corporate registration data as well as litigation and regulatory database checks.

Rapid identification of emerging risk-relevant developments – through ongoing monitoring, by screening against our best-in-class risk intelligence database, which powers our suite of due diligence, KYC and AML solutions.

Trusted source of due diligence solutions – We provide a broad choice of options to suit your requirements. Choose from assessing location-based risk, screening against regulatory watchlists and PEP monitoring,  varying levels of reports, and highly in-depth background checks on  a supplier.

Contact us to learn how we can help you with your supply chain risk challenges.


Why we are trusted worldwide

Legal and ethical methods

Our researchers only access risk information in the public domain, using non-invasive data collection methods.

Trusted information sources

Various human intelligence sources, leveraging structured World-Check Risk Intelligence data accredited with ISAE 3000 standard.

Global coverage with local knowledge

With local people in all major markets, we understand the local nuances and details, even where information may be less reliable.

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor a supply chain risk solution to help solve your specific needs.