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    The KYC and AML landscape in 2017

    As banks seek faster, more efficient ways to meet AML rules, we anticipate three potential Know Your Customer developments and consider how managed services are solving many onboarding issues. What are the future developments on the KYC horizon?

    Where's the risk among your 14,000 suppliers?

    The poor conditions some lorry drivers reportedly live and work in while on the road delivering goods for hundreds of companies including well known

    Why it is time to standardize Know Your Customer (KYC)

    The management of Know your Customer (KYC) information has long been a labor intensive affair for both financial institutions and corporates in the due

    Is geopolitics your biggest risk?

    From Trump politics to European populism — geopolitical risks facing firms and their supply chains is extensive. How can your organization protect itself?

    Is your anti-bribery system up to scratch?

    An estimated US$1 trillion is paid in bribes each year. Now an international standard — ISO 37001 — has been created so organizations can implement an

    3 ways risk management will change in 2017

    New ways of managing risk across the ‘three lines of defense’ will help organizations deal with the unexpected in 2017 and beyond. Regulation and the

    Why customer and third party due diligence must evolve

    More companies are realising the need to go beyond a tick-box approach to customer and third party due diligence In the last few years we have seen some

    How to identify UBOs in an unpredictable world

    Business operates in a world of chaos, where relationship risk is ever present. What’s the secret to understanding and identifying ultimate beneficial owners?

    Risk survey exposes supplier and other third party failures

    Risk survey exposes supplier and other third party failures. The survey found that only 62% of organizations are conducting due diligence on third parties.

    Why quality data is a remedy for corruption ills

    Bribery and corruption are eating away at the global economy as if a pandemic. Learn why quality data is a remedy for corruption ills.