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    Coronavirus - Market Mayhem

    The market mayhem continues, with Investment Grade bonds joining the action as corporates start to draw down on their emergency credit lines.

    Episode 19: Market fault lines exposed by oil shock

    We look at the moves in global asset prices which suggest that the oil shock has revealed the weaknesses that have been building up across financial markets.

    Episode 18: Market chaos and oil crisis

    we discuss how central banks globally have either already enacted a rate cut or poised to make one. We will also be looking at the turbulent times in oil.

    Episode 4: Coronavirus - Corporate sector

    Roger Hirst and Refinitiv's Carl Larry discuss how the corporate sector is faring during this time of high market volatility

    Episode 5: Coronavirus - S&P 500 Earnings

    Roger Hirst and Refinitiv's David Aurelio, Senior Manager of Equity Markets Research, talk about how equities will suffer from uncertainty due to the drop in oil.

    Episode 2: Coronavirus & The Impact On Luxury Goods and Retail

    Roger Hirst and Refinitiv's Director of Consumer Research, Jharonne Martis, discuss how the coronavirus has had a negative impact on luxury retail brands.

    Episode 3: Coronavirus & Huge ETF Outflows

    We discuss the specifics of the huge market sell-off that has occurred over the past couple of weeks by analyzing the biggest ETF outflows.

    Coronavirus - EMERGENCY UPDATE

    We provide a flash update concerning market mayhem today that investors need to be aware of. Oil, copper, and more look like they will break to the downside.

    Episode 1: Coronavirus Correction Series - An Introduction

    We introduce this new daily series, The Corona Correction, and discuss how and why they will be addressing the impact of the coronavirus on markets.

    Episode 18: The Big Conversation special - Coronavirus

    We help answer some of the key questions asked about the market turmoil. Will central banks provide support, should we buy the dip and how long will it last?