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    Episode 17: The dollar surges as the virus goes global

    We look at the causes behind the US dollar’s rally. Is it just powered by the spread of coronavirus? Or were their issues that pre-date the virus?

    Episode 16: Hong Kong property and Coronavirus

    We discuss how Lowe’s stock has rallied 30% in the past year. Also if the US dollar is breaking out and what all the indicators are currently saying.

    Episode 17: Super Tuesday and the US 10 year

    we talk about the highly anticipated Super Tuesday and we take a look at the U.S. 10-year

    Episode 16: What on Earth is ESG

    This week we help you to understand the thorny issue of ESG. Most think of it as climate change, when in reality its about corporate change.

    Episode 15: FOMC minutes and US manufacturing

    We discuss FOMC & monetary policy and looks at the gold mining giant Newmont's stock rise. We also look at the US Manufacturing PMI.

    What is ESG and Why Does it Matter?

    ESG is the hottest theme in world finance right now but what exactly does it mean? Here is a very simple explanation.

    Episode 15: Can Germany's economy recover?

    We look at the macro headwinds that Germany still faces. However, the DAX index is close to an all-time high. When will the economy and the equity converge?

    Episode 14: New Hampshire Primary and bond yields

    We talk about the surprises that occurred in the Iowa caucus. How most bond yields still live in negative territory and how closely the world is looking to the U.S.

    Episode 13: Disney and US jobs

    We dive into the anticipated earnings announcement from Disney and at how WTI crude oil has cratered over the past couple of weeks

    Episode 13: Volatility and Viruses

    We look at the type of volatility regime which the market is operating under and how this might critically impact the reaction to the virus outbreak.