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    Episode 14: Can the China Coronavirus cause a global recession?

    We look at the impact that the virus is having on key asset classes and the price action to follow for signs that the global economy is tipping into recession.

    Episode 12: Apple sales and the Coronavirus

    We share what could be in store for Apple’s stock once they announce their earnings report this week and how the Wuhan Coronavirus has caused a shakeup.

    Episode 12: When's a bubble not a bubble?

    This week we examine the lack of emotional attachment suggesting that equities could still be some way short of a euphoric top. The market chatter sees a buying opportunity for the British Pound in the recent weak UK data, which largely pre-dates the election. And the whisper looks at a couple...

    Episode 11: Netflix and US home sales

    We share how investors should position with Netflix’s earnings report for Q4 2019. We explain how tightly correlated Lennar’s stock has been to the surge in home sales.

    Episode 11: Will bonds break the bull?

    We look at the changing nature of equity markets. Also at at the removal of some key market supports as we enter US Q4 earnings season.

    Episode 10: Goldman, BlackRock, consumer sentiment and inflation

    We discuss the potential effects on Goldman Sachs’ and BlackRock’s stocks. Also the potential effects on the equity market from strong consumer sentiment.

    Episode 10: Who to Fear Iran or the Fed

    We look at whether geopolitics or central bank balance sheets are the biggest fear for markets, given the escalation in tensions with Iran.

    Episode 9: Qasem Soleimani’s death, US Payrolls and UK construction

    We discuss the price action that oil has experienced in light of Qasem Soleimani’s death. US manufacturing payroll numbers and the construction sector.

    Episode 9: The Fiscal Future

    We take a look at the grip that monetary policy has on markets. Growth has remained sluggish, whilst the investment framework is undergoing a structural change.

    Episode 8: Top charts for 2020

    This week we highlight ten charts that matter for 2020 that everyone should have on their radar. Central banks, commodities and more are in the spotlight.