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    Episode 3: Corporate earnings and the equity market

    In this episode we look at whether U.S. corporate earnings matter to the stock market anymore, and if investors have become complacent about equities.

    Episode 2: UK election fiscal impact for markets worldwide

    This week we focus on the global knock-on effects of the UK election - including implications for the dollar and bond yields.

    Episode 2: ISM data and BMW earnings

    In this episode, we review the non-farm payroll numbers from last week, and look at manufacturing data for both the U.S. and Europe - specifically BMW.

    Episode 1: Will there be a U.S. recession?

    In this episode we look at whether there could be a U.S. recession, what the Central banks might do about it and if there might be an end of year sell-off.

    Episode 1: Apple earnings and the Fed

    In this inaugural episode, we look at the Fed rate announcement and the Apple earnings report.