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    FCPA fines show bribery and corruption risk

    Record FCPA fines highlight bribery and corruption risk. How can compliance teams close due diligence gap to avoid financial and reputational damage?

    A name matching tool for sanctions risk

    Customer or third-party screening needs the right name. How does World-Check One name matching tool spot sanctions risk and fight financial crime?

    How we're fighting financial crime in 2020

    How will organizations fight financial crime in 2020? Digital ID and trusted data are among ways to improve due diligence and #FightFinancialCrime.

    Belt & Road: Manage risks with new opportunities

    The China Belt and Road Initiative is growing rapidly. What do firms need to know about investment opportunities and risks of Belt and Road projects?

    Why fintech needs quality data

    AI and machine learning is future of finance. What are the finserv benefits for workflow automation or CX of understanding that fintech needs quality data?

    The impact of the EU’s 5th AML Directive

    What impact will the EU’s 5th AML Directive have on key areas such as crypto currencies, UBO, PEPs, high-value goods, high risk countries and prepaid cards?

    Funding the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    To make the UN's Sustainable Development Goals a reality by 2030 requires digitalization of finance. How is Refinitiv helping to bridge the funding gap?

    The UN's sustainability goals and financial crime

    Financial crime makes it harder to meet UN's sustainability goals. What steps can organizations take to ensure they disrupt criminal networks?

    Digital identity solutions for everyone?

    Digital identity solutions offer fast, secure ID checks. How do digital ID tools help financial institutions of all sizes with CX and fight financial crime?

    Africa's fight against financial crime

    Africa's fight against financial crime needs cross-border collaboration and innovation. How are Refinitiv tools helping Africa risk and compliance managers?