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    Episode 3: What is the Outlook for Oil?

    We analyse multiple data sets to provide insight into the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on oil markets, and highlights some unexpected developments.

    Episode 49: A Leader in Developed Market Growth?

    We talk to John Stackhouse from RBC about the longer-term investment prospects for Canada.

    Episode 2: How to fill the trade finance gap in the global oil industry

    Mikael Bonalumi explains how alternative capital providers are filling the $2.5trillion+ funding gap with value-added transactions backed by industry expertise.

    What are Inflation and Deflation?

    Roger Hirst explains the controversial topic of inflation. It's very difficult to pigeonhole something that impacts different people in different ways.

    Episode 48: A US Election Hedge

    We look at how the election uncertainty may be extreme but the policy response of both sides may be surprisingly similar offering a platform for precious metals

    Episode 47: Can banks bounce back

    We look at the recent downturn in global bank stocks, highlighting their poor performance during the equity rebound since March.

    Episode 46: Going to extremes

    We look at whether the options activity of the retail traders will have a lasting impact on the US equity market.

    Episode 1: Managing risks with data and technology

    Sarah Behbahani balances risk-taking with acuity of vision, informed by data. In this video, Sarah shares how she gains clarity in the markets using data .

    Episode 45: The Megalodon in the Options Market

    We look at the impact that the options market is having on US equity volatility. One player has captured the headlines. Are they the biggest fish in the ocean?

    Episode 44: The Inflation Deflation Debate

    We look at the legacy of Shinzo Abe's economic policy Abenomics. It led the way for many of the fiscal and monetary policies now being adopted worldwide