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    What are Fund Flows?

    We talk about fund flows. Understanding fund flows helps us understand asset price performance, but first we need to know how these fund flows are calculated.

    Episode 43: The Inflation Deflation Debate

    We look at the spike in US CPI data is a sign of higher inflation to come, or whether deflation is baked in the cake.

    Episode 41: Coronavirus - US Election Energy Policy: Trump vs Biden

    We talk about the energy policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the U.S. heads towards its November election.

    Episode 42: The US dollar bear market

    Roger Hirst and Julian Brigden of MI2 Partners and Macro Insiders discuss the probability that a major structural peak is now in place for the US dollar.

    Episode 40: Coronavirus - Covid’s Drain on Brazilian Energy

    We talk about how the crisis has impacted Brazil’s energy demand. Has its high numbers of Covid-19 cases impacted the local energy sector?

    Episode 39: Coronavirus - The 2020 Gold Rush

    We talk about the key drivers of gold and silver. Are the physical or financial markets powering the moves in these commodities?

    Episode 41: The future of trading

    Louisa is joined by a number of market luminaries. Together they discuss how the future of trading is being disrupted.

    Coronavirus - Vaccines: Data on the Data

    We talk about the data behind the data of vaccines. Many are questioning whether the gains seen in pharmaceutical companies will continue.

    Episode 39: Can China centralize crypto?

    We discuss China’s new central bank digital currency. We are joined by David Craig, CEO of Refinitiv to talk about the data regarding the world of vaccines.

    Episode 40: Will dollar bulls see red?

    We discuss what is next for Dollar bulls after the currency has endured its biggest monthly percentage drop in a decade?