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    Episode 31: Coronavirus - Old Crime, New Tricks

    We talk about money laundering and how new techniques are constantly evolving with new technologies

    Episode 32: Will reality return with the reopening

    We look at the latest conversations on monetary policies that continue to stack the rebound in favor of risk assets and large corporates.

    What is Alternative Data?

    Roger Hirst is joined by multiple guests to explain what alternative data is and how it is being used in the world today.

    Episode 30: Coronavirus - Is Europe United On A Rescue Plan?

    We talk about the details of the European rescue fund that was unveiled by Ursula Von Der Leyen, the European Commission President.

    Episode 31: Monetary madness is not the answer

    We look at the conversations about monetary policies that are stacking the rebound in favor of risk assets and large corporates, at the expense of the real economy.

    Episode 29: Coronavirus - When Will Sustainable Investing Take Off Again?

    We talk talk about how certain investment themes, like ESG, were gaining momentum prior to the Corona Crisis.

    Episode 30: Equities are not the economy

    We look at how the move in US equity prices is shaping our view of the economic recovery, which will not be following the same trajectory as the Nasdaq.

    Episode 28: Coronavirus - Is a Credit Crisis Looming?

    We talk about the impact of coronavirus across global credit markets. Is a credit crisis on the horizon?

    Episode 29: Can central banks stop the bankruptcies?

    We look at how the gap between Main Street and Wall Street is getting wider, with consumers retrenching and small businesses facing bankruptcy.

    Episode 27: Coronavirus - Road to Recovery

    We talk about how the U.S. economy and job market will recover after being so badly hit in the past few months.