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    Episode 28: The global solvency crisis

    We look at how a solvency crisis will emerge out of this economic shock. Governments have helped offset the initial liquidity shock, but balance sheets are impaired.

    Episode 26: Coronavirus - Europe: Debts, Budgets & Corona Bonds

    We talk about how Europe and its leaders are dealing with the crisis.

    Episode 27: Economic crisis: Inflation shock or deflation bust?

    We look at the inflationary and deflationary pressures that are impacting global economies. Can money printing manufacture inflation?

    Episode 25: Coronavirus - Credit & Loan Correction

    We talk about how things have changed in the loans and credit space during these extremely uncertain times.

    Episode 24: Coronavirus - Singapore’s Response to Covid and Beyond

    We talk about Singapore’s policy response compared to other regions and countries.

    Episode 26: The long road from lockdown

    We look at the speed with which economies can emerge from lockdown and the ability for consumers to recover.

    Episode 23: Coronavirus - M&A under lockdown

    We talk about whether any companies are taking advantage of the dislocations that have appeared in order to expand their influence.

    Episode 22: Coronavirus - Market Meltdown and Fund Flows

    We talk about the major trends in recent fund flows and whether we’ve seen investors participate in the recent rebound.

    Episode 21: Coronavirus - How Has ESG Performed During The Pandemic?

    We talk about how ESG investing has been performing.

    Coronavirus - Oil price insanity Flash Update

    We talk about how the front month WTI futures contract collapsed into negative prices for the first time ever on Monday 20th April, just ahead of its expiry.