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    Global carbon markets hit new highs

    What factors are behind the increases in global carbon markets? And what initiatives and events will determine future trends?

    Refinitiv Carbon Research

    Our data, research, analysis and modelling provide clarity in a turbulent commodity market – enabling emissions traders to make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

    Carbon trading: exponential growth on record high

    Anders Nordeng explores the factors behind the exponential growth in carbon trading costs, including climate targets agreed at COP26

    Review of carbon markets in 2018

    Refinitiv’s assessment of the major global carbon markets in 2018, showing main trends in global emission trading systems and in emerging areas. Includes a look at the impact of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR).

    Eikon - energy commodities

    Eikon covers the energy commodities markets, whatever the region or your focus,. Optimize your deep analysis and spot growth opportunities in the power, gas, coal, carbon, and oil markets.

    Alternative data

    Refinitiv offers the content, platforms, and tools to evaluate and use alternative data for better decision making on investment, trading and risk management.

    ​Fixed Income Indices

    Browse Refinitiv's Refinitiv Fixed Income Indices, discover our range of data, indices & benchmarks. Our Data Catalogue offers unrivalled data and delivery mechanisms.

    Carbon markets on a bull run: emissions trading gains influence

    Refinitiv’s 2022 carbon survey emphasises carbon markets' role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while respondents expect prices to rise significantly

    Refinitiv Arab Federation of Capital Markets Low Carbon Select Index

    Discover our Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM) Low Carbon Select Index to track the price of companies that actively invest in low carbon activities

    Do carbon markets drive climate change mitigation?

    What does the Refinitiv Carbon Market Study 2021 say about how the industry views the impact of carbon markets on climate change?