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Refinitiv AlphaDesk support and training

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Our team of professional consultants are available to help you use our software. We provide prompt and efficient resolutions to issues, and communicate effectively during the process.

  • Our consultants are globally located. Leverage our local knowledge with the assurance of 24 x 5 coverage from a global team.
  • We utilize a pro-active approach to problem-solving, which includes system monitoring and remote access tools. This helps protect against downtime and operational risk.
  • Our high-touch support begins during the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition into using our software.

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Contact us by phone:

  • Toronto: +1 647 478 7681
  • New York: +1 646 274 8150
  • London: +44 203 868 7367
  • Singapore: +65 6715 8907
  • Sydney: +61 (0)2 8520 3077

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