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Refinitiv FX Trading support and training

Frequently asked questions

  • To change your password:

    1. Click the Forgotten your password? link in the login dialog box - the Password Assistance dialog box is displayed.
    2. Enter your email address in the User ID field and click OK.

    A link will be emailed to you where you can change your password.

    Note: Changing your password in FX Trading will also change the password you use to log into Eikon.

  • We provide the FX Trading Dealing and Matching keyboards/keypads, and replace defective or faulty ones.

    We do not provide the PC and monitor; you will need to use your own hardware.

  • Currently each version of FX Trading must be installed via the standard setup.exe wizard process and installed as a new version.

    We are looking into the possibility of supporting an upgrade process with a future release.

  • Each version of FX Trading installs into its own subdirectory, meaning multiple versions of FX Trading can be installed onto the same PC.

    Please note:

    • It is not possible to run multiple versions of FX Trading on the same PC at the same time. This can lead to issues as the FX Trading keyboard/keypad would communicate at the same time to both applications (for example, both applications could trade at the same time via a single key press).
    • Users can only log into one FX Trading GUI at any one time using the same username/password.
    • If you require access to two versions of FX Trading concurrently, you need to install FX Trading on two separate PCs, with separate FX Trading keyboard/keypads and use a separate username/password.
  • This could occur if:

    • You are logging in from a network outside the IP range provided to us during on-boarding.
      As part of the FX Trading on-boarding process, your network team provided us with a range of IP addresses that you would log into the application from. If you try to log in from outside this IP range, this error will appear. The solution is to log in from a location within the IP range specified.
    • You are logging into the wrong environment. Normally all external users should be using the production environment: PROD2. This can be verified by checking the name of the FX Trading shortcut (Production = FX Trading).
    • You do not have a production account. A Welcome email would have been sent to you, or your administrator with your production account login credentials.
    • You are using Kerberos proxy authentication, which is currently unsupported. If you are using Kerberos proxy authentication, please have your IT/ network team bypass it.

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