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Last updated: November 2018 | Version 1.6

KYC as a Service - service description

This document describes the service that customers of KYC as a Service can expect, alongside the experiences and choices that Refinitiv has designed for you to have. It covers all the stages of your interactions with the company, from initial interest through to "end-of-usage."

Frequently asked questions

  • For assistance with resetting your password, logging into your product or general client support questions, please contact our client support team.

  • Installation of KYC as a Service is via the web portal. Following receipt of a list of users of the service from the financial institution, a welcome email is sent to your account. This includes a link, login credentials and a unique registration key which is used to prompt set-up and provide access to the portal.

  • Whether you just need the essentials or are interested in a specific feature of KYC as a Service, you can watch our training videos anytime to take advantage of online tutorials. 

  • Customer integration via the KYC as a Service web API requires the following software: 

    • Web browser: User interface is via an HTML5 browser application which supports Internet Explorer 9 and above, Chrome, and Firefox 
    • SFTP client to upload files 
    • SSH application to access Refinitiv servers 
    • API integration client: To send https REST-based requests over the Internet to the KYC as a Service Web API end points and receive data in response
    • API request management: To manage the linkages between customer requests for data and the corresponding KYC as a Service request identifiers and end client identifiers
    • API data mapping: To map the KYC as a Service data model onto the customer's own internal data model 
    • Document management: To provide an interface to the customers’ document repository or document management system to provide storage for proof images from KYC as a Service
  • New users can access MyRefinitiv, a portal that provides a single access point for timesaving support services, along with billing, user management, and product information and documentation.

    Existing customers can contact KYC as a Service through their dedicated account manager or by contacting the KYC as a Service Business Support Team.

  • Different contractual models apply to customers requiring remediation and end clients. The various details and options are highlighted below:

    Financial Institutions

    Managed service:

    • TRMA: 
      • TRMA Master terms
      • Screening schedule
      • KYC as a Service schedule plus KYC as a Service Commercial Appendices 
    • ‘Standalone’ KYC as a Service contract 
      • KYC as a Service specific contract (The Agreement for the Provision of Refinitiv KYC as a Service Services)
      • KYC as a Service commercial appendices. 


    • GRC / Risk Client Terms of Business, 
    • Screening Schedule 
    • Professional Services Schedule 
    • A tailored Statement of Work (detailing the scope, pricing etc for the project). 

    End Clients

    End clients will initially engage with KYC as a Service through the online portal. Upon first login, users will accept the Terms of Use and confirm agreement with a Privacy Statement that contains details of how their data will be used. Where there are changes to the policies, users will be prompted to re-accept upon the next login.