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Corporate governance

Top 100 companies leading in corporate governance

Governance is perhaps the most important of the three ESG pillars. Find out what global firms and industries are leading in this space.

Discover the corporate governance top 100 list

Key takeaways

Here are some highlights from the list of top performing companies based on Refinitiv corporate governance scores:

  • United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan have the most companies scoring highly on governance practices.
  • The top 3 companies on our list are Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands), NK Rosneft’ (Russia), and Johnson Matthey (United Kingdom).
  • Business sectors with the highest number of companies scoring well on governance practices include Mineral Resources, Banking and Investment Services, Energy - Fossil Fuels, and Food & Beverages.

Top 100

Refinitiv's corporate governance top 100

Explore the full list of the companies leading in corporate governance as of February 2021


The corporate governance methodology

Our ESG data covers 10,000+ companies, over 80% of the global market cap, and 450+ metrics. We cover 152 governance-related metrics and calculate three category pillars:

CSR strategy category

The CSR strategy category score reflects a company’s practices to communicate that it integrates economic, social, and environmental dimensions into its day-to-day decision-making.

Management category

The management category score measures a company’s commitment and effectiveness towards following best practice corporate governance principles.

Shareholders category

The shareholder category score measures a company’s effectiveness towards equal treatment of shareholders and the use of anti-takeover devices.


Corporate governance spotlight: the global upward trend 

Global corporate governance scores are up 13%

The corporate governance scores reflect the CSR and governance practices that companies have in place - from shareholder rights to board structure. When analyzing 3,611 active companies from our ESG database, we found that the global governance scores have increased by 13% from five years ago.

This positive trend is present in every region, while some countries and sectors lead the way and demonstrate particularly impressive results. Europe displays the highest scores across all key categories, while Asia-Pacific shows a significant uptick in growth rates. 

Yet, there’s still much room for improvement. Governance should remain the key focus for all companies and governments looking to ensure their long term sustainable development.


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