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Governance and Sustainability

The shifting corporate governance landscape in the Americas

We focus on corporate governance in the Americas and look to establish if there is a relationship between governance scores, company resilience and financial performance.

Over the past five years, we have seen Governance Scores increase by 14% globally, and companies in the Americas increase by 19%.

With Environmental and Social performance/activity both hinging on strong Governance, it’s a positive trend that lends itself to a sense of optimism for stakeholders vying for a more sustainable future. 

In this report we look at the trends in governance data and the financial performance of companies performing well on governance metrics. The report includes: 

  • Analysis of Governance Scores, CSR Sustainability Reporting and CSR Sustainability Scores 
  • ESG data analysis through regression models and machine learning algorithms 
  • A view on how corporations with top governance score perform against the S&P 500 
  • 19%
    Increase in average governance score for companies in the Americas over 5 years
  • 68%
    increase in likelihood of a company having an emissions reduction policy if the company publishes a sustainability report
  • 50
    top performing S&P 500 companies based on governance score outperform the S&P 500 during bull markets

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Key content

ESG data

covering 80% of global market cap is used in analysis

Machine learning approach

was taken to conduct an array of univariate regressions

Portfolio analytics

undertaken to determine financial resilience of governance focused portfolios