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Governance and Sustainability

The shifting corporate governance landscape in EMEA

It can be argued that governance is the most important of the three ESG pillars. without its influence there is little direction, management or focus for social or environmental practices. With this in mind we focus on corporate governance in European companies.

In the context of the current global health crisis and looking towards a post-Covid-19 world, this report explores the current trends in EMEA and assesses the impact that governance has on the environmental and social performance of corporations.

With global Governance Scores increasing by 13% over the last 5 years, EMEA based firms have been keeping up with the pace and have improved their Governance Score by 15%.

In this report we look at the trends in governance data and the financial performance of companies performing well on governance metrics. The report includes: 

  • Analysis of Governance Scores, CSR Sustainability Reporting and CSR Sustainability Scores 
  • ESG data analysis through regression models and machine learning algorithms 
  • A view on how corporations with top governance score perform against the STOXX 600 
  • 25%
    increase in average CSR reporting score for companies in EMEA over 5 years.
  • 65%
    increase in likelihood of a company with an energy efficiency policy if the company publishes a sustainability report
  • 50
    top performing STOXX 600 securities based on CSR reporting score outperformed the STOXX 600 by an annualized 19 basis points.

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Key content

ESG data

covering 80% of global market cap is used in analysis

Machine learning approach

was taken to conduct an array of univariate regressions

Portfolio analytics

undertaken to determine financial resilience of governance focused portfolios