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Refinitiv ESG on Alexa and Google Assistant

The new voice of ESG

Use Alexa or Google to find out company ESG scores or listen to our ESG audio content

About the app

Refinitiv ESG data now available on smart speakers

At Refinitiv, we put ESG thinking at the heart of the investment process. For 18 years we’ve been serving the financial industry with one of the richest ESG databases with 10,000+ companies representing 80% of global market capitalisation.

To add to our market-leading solutions we are delighted to announce the launch of our Refinitiv ESG Voice App. This is a new voice application to help us shout (or at least speak) about our findings.

Using Alexa or Google-enabled smart speakers, you can ask your voice assistant for the ESG score of any company in our database. You can also access audio content from our analysis and ESG podcast, Sustainability Perspectives.

Enabling the Alexa SKill

Enable Alexa to use Refinitiv ESG

Follow these steps to enable Refinitiv ESG on Alexa

  1.  Click the corresponding link on the right
  2.  You will be given to the option to open the skill now on any of your Alexa devices or try it later
  3.  At this point, you can sign into your Alexa account if you are not already signed in
  4.  The app will then be opened on the device selected
  5.  If you want to open in the future, simply say “Alexa, open Refinitiv ESG"

Enable the Google Action

Enable Google Assistant to open Refinitiv ESG

Follow these steps to enable Refinitiv ESG on Google

Click the link on the right to enable or just say "Hey Google, talk to Refinitiv ESG" at any time.

How It Works

How to use Refinitiv ESG

ESG scores

Discover ESG scores for over 10,000 public companies (EX: "What is the score for Apple")

ESG information

Get expert answers to top questions about key ESG topics (EX: "How are ESG scores calculated?")

ESG podcasts

Listen to podcast episodes covering the latest ESG trends (EX: "How are Social and Governance Connected in ESG?")

  • Use the ESG voice application to find out the ESG scores for companies such as Nike, Apple and Microsoft. For each company you will hear the individual environmental, social and corporate governance score along with the overall score for the company. The scores given are the latest scores for that company and based on our leading ESG data and scores methodology.  

    Sample commands include:

    • "Alexa, what is the score for Apple"
    • "Alexa, compare the ESG score of Facebook and Twitter"
  • Use the ESG voice application to learn more about ESG in general. We have answers from the top experts at Refinitiv and externally with audio from the Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives podcast.  If you want to learn about the fundamentals of ESG, strategies for investing or how scores are calculated, ask away.

    Sample commands include:

    • "Are social and governance connected in ESG?
    • "How are ESG scores calculated?"
    • "What does sustainable finance mean to Refinitiv?"
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