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ESG Investing and Sustainable Finance Podcast

Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives

Explore bi-monthly episodes where we feature the key industry leaders sharing insights about sustainable business, responsible finance, and green economy. Available in audio, text, and video formats. 


Guest speaker:

Ulf Erlandsson, Executive Chair at Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute.

How To Measure Green Bond Premiums: Latest Use Cases & Low-VolatilityStrategies

Episode 53 | Duration: 19 minutes

Green bond issuance reached US$76.5 billion in Q3 and totaled US$222.6 billion during full-year 2020, a 26% increase compared to full-year 2019 and all-time annual record. But what are the main challenges when it comes to pricing sustainability bonds vs. conventional bonds? And how can we find the opportunities for achieving lower volatility with green bonds?

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About this series

The world is changing, and so is the financial sector.

As modern society goes through significant changes, the role of business and investment starts to evolve. It’s not something that’s just about to happen: it’s the reality surrounding us.   

What defines success in this world and our future? In this podcast series, we look at how industry experts create investments and build businesses that not only generate wealth but also produce  positive impacts on society and the planet.

From ESG investing, to sustainable finance and social impact in our communities, the Refinitiv Sustainability Perspective podcast aims to leverage data and intelligence to make the best business decisions possible.  

With the help of experts from the leading global organizations, we are going to dive deep into the world of sustainability. Are you ready to start?

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Refinitiv offers a suite of products covering multiple parts of the business lifecycle, across environmental, social and governance issues, from investment portfolios through to due diligence and energy supply.