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Trading insights

Markets move fast and can be unpredictable, so insight and information that helps you plan and execute trades effectively and efficiently is critical. Our data and platforms - like Eikon - help you make the right decisions, and our market updates keep you fully up to speed.

Our take on trading insights in 60 seconds

As a trader, it’s never been more important that you have accurate data. Shifting market structure and regulation are adding complexity. Liquidity has become thinner. New asset classes like cryptocurrencies are turning old markets on their heads. All of which means you need more advanced tools to find new opportunities.

Gather new perspectives on the market by combining previously disconnected data sets. See markets from a wide variety of angles to unlock new sources of alpha. Our trade solutions and trading tools give you the power to do exactly that.

Combining thousands of data sets, you can uncover new insights. And our Market Voice updates give you a new angle on the market every month, straight from our experts.

Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Get behind the data

Dive deeper into the data and form your own insights. With Eikon you can build on our wealth of content.

Stay updated every month

Never miss vital trading insights with our monthly newsletter on the most important trading topics from our subject matter experts.

Find new perspectives

Get a more complete view of the market by combining multiple data sets, allowing you to find new perspectives and opportunities.