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Cloud-based order management and portfolio management

Refinitiv AlphaDesk 

Simplify your workflow with Refinitiv AlphaDesk – the cloud-based order management system (OMS) and portfolio management system (PMS) for the buy-side.

  • Work with flexible multi-vendor data feeds and multiple electronic trading systems, as well as custodians/ prime brokers and fund administrators.
  • Manage all your firm’s orders in a single place.
  • Track portfolio exposure in real-time with over 100 fields and flexible groupings.
  • Stay on top wherever you are with responsive mobile access.

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Cloud-based order management (OMS) and portfolio management (PMS)

Bringing traders and asset managers looking to resolve their OMS and PMS requirements closer to the buy-side

Bringing both closer to the buy-side

Refinitiv AlphaDesk is an award-winning order management system (OMS) and portfolio management system (PMS) which offers cloud-based, multi-asset class, multi-currency order management and portfolio management for the buy-side, along with risk and compliance tools – all within a single user interface experience to help streamline and automate your workflow. 

AlphaDesk clients typically realise annual TCO savings of 50% or more in comparison with other vendors when using our OMS and PMS. 

With our order management software, we support and help automate your investment and trading workflow from start to finish, with everything from portfolio management, to pre-trade data and analytics via our financial platform Eikon, to trade execution using our award-winning Refinitiv REDI EMS (execution management system) and post-trade capabilities that include settlement, reconciliation and risk management.

In addition, we connect you efficiently to counterparties around the globe with Refinitiv Autex Trade Route – one of the world’s largest FIX order routing networks.

Features & Benefits

What is Refinitiv AlphaDesk?

Order management

Manage all orders in single place. Send orders to hundreds of destinations and receive fills in real-time.

Portfolio rebalancing

Advanced multi-portfolio modeling functionality enables rebalancing in a matter of a few keystrokes.

Risk management

Real-time delta- and beta-adjusted exposure, option greeks, currency, interest rate, credit and liquidity risk.

Commission management

Assign rates based on parameters, and report on commission spending across brokers, categories, and by fund.

Real-time portfolio monitoring

Profit contribution of positions updated in real-time, separate FX P/L and asset price P/L, and more.


Set up rules to verify compliance with fund mandates, internal policies and regulations. Verify compliance pre-trade.

Shadow NAV

Calculate an accurate net asset value including subscriptions, accruals, and dividends.

Accounting / general ledger

P&L between any two dates, with support for multiple cost basis/tax lot methods, and a full suite of accounting reports.

Product in action

How does Refinitiv AlphaDesk work?

Discover an order management system (OMS) and portfolio management system (PMS) that is multi-asset class, multi-currency, and multi-custodian.

AlphaDesk: portfolio grid demo screenshot

Flexible workflow functionality: A fully cloud-based integrated system that works with multi-vendor data feeds and multiple electronic trading systems, as well as custodians/prime brokers and fund administrators.

One-stop-shop: Software that manages your firm's portfolio and orders in a single place. 

Real-time monitoring: Track P&L (profit and loss) exposure in real-time with a choice of over 100 fields and flexible groupings.

Remote capabilities: Monitor portfolios and trades from outside the office with our tablet and mobile device support. 

Reliable support: Get help from our managed service support staff, who monitor your trading ecosystem, including FIX connections. Support is available 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

AlphaDesk: dashboard demo screenshot

AlphaDesk mobile

Access AlphaDesk anywhere with our mobile capability

Simplify your workflow management on the go.

Introducing AlphaDesk Mobile which enables users to gain access to their real-time positions, P&L and trading without being tied to their desktop.

Learn how you can trade from anywhere, at any time, by simply logging in through the web or your mobile.

Download our factsheet to discover how you can access AlphaDesk wherever you are.


For clients

Integrated fund management for clients

AlphaDesk serves a diverse and global client base. Our clients range from start-ups to established firms and include hedge funds and asset managers looking to streamline and automate their workflow.

Our solution meets a multitude of needs – including comprehensive support for a wide range of asset classes, markets, and investment strategies – yet our objective remains the same: to meet the unique needs of each firm.

  • Established hedge funds. We help hedge funds achieve the return they want by increasing operational efficiency, enhancing risk management, and improving decision-making.
  • Asset managers. With AlphaDesk, you can better manage cost, complexity and reporting compliance with our customisable APIs.
  • Startups. Designed with startups in mind, our OMS and PMS is quick to deploy and easy to use, so you can focus on getting your operations up and running.

Service integration

Integrated services assisting your business

With global market reforms and increasing regulatory pressures, firms need to update their IT organisations so that they can adapt more quickly to changing business requirements while lowering operational costs. AlphaDesk provides the experience to accomplish these objectives.

  • Integration services. Our integration team assists you with implementing, configuring, and piloting your solution for a rapid go-live date. These services include customising the system to meet your specific working environment, resources, workflows, and business goals. The implementation team also provides full training for all users of the system and will continue to assist you as you transition to general support.
  • Cloud services. AlphaDesk is available through a robust and secure cloud-based global infrastructure. Let us handle the daily challenges of application and infrastructure management so that you can focus on your core business objectives.
  • Support services. Our support team provides clients with a range of technical expertise in not only our product but also of financial markets and fund management practices. Their goal is to provide rapid resolutions to any issues you may have while maintaining a high degree of effective communication.
  • Middle office support. Directly, or via our global partner network, we supply an experienced team to assist you with daily operational activities such as reconciliation, or provide you with the tools they use to work with AlphaDesk to minimise effort and improve accuracy.

Case study

How end-to-end trading solutions help hedge fund create customised investment programs

Founded in 2017, QVR Advisors is a boutique, data-driven hedge fund that creates and manages options and volatility-focused strategies across absolute return and institutional solutions business lines.

We look at how, from start-up to scale-up, QVR Advisors achieved 266% growth in just three years.

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