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Commodities trading

Our market insights, data management solutions and seamless trade execution capabilities, give your business the edge in trading commodities in competitive markets.

Commodities data is a precious resource

Accessing the right information at the right time and in the correct format makes all the difference between success and failure in the commodities trading complex.

From oil storage levels in Cushing to the colour of grains in the Black Sea region, every single data point adds a new layer of information to critical decision-making at global trading desks. 

Using fundamentals, supply and demand, vessel tracking, storage, and alternative data sources in a structured manner is what gives one trader a competitive edge over another.

Use our dedicated commodities trading software to gain deep insights on trading prices and the markets with Eikon – across energy, agriculture, and metals.

Refinitiv provides the tools, fundamentals, forecasts, alternative data, and up-to-the-minute news that can help you set yourself apart from the pack. 

Along with one of the world’s largest repositories of commodities data, our strong team of analysts and exclusive partnerships enable efficient end-to-end workflows of commodities trading.


Our bespoke commodities trading solutions

Our data coverage includes the global eco-system of oil and gas, power, coal, carbon and other energy asset classes, to support energy trading desks across the world. 

Our exclusive partnership with Reuters and re-distribution agreements with the likes of S&P Global Platts, Argus Media, Genscape, and IIR Energy grants our clients access to the work of more than 1,000 research and analyst experts via a single platform. 

Optimize your analysis and spot growth opportunities in the power, gas, coal, carbon, and oil markets with Eikon.

We have built a comprehensive global set of data and analytics across mine-economics, production and supply outlooks, along with the use of machine learning and AI to predict market movements.

This enables us to provide the world’s premier source of metals trading insights, from mine to consumer, in flexible formats.

Our trading software can identify opportunities in the precious and industrious metal market.

A strong set of fundamentals data augmented with the use of alternative data, weather tracking and satellite imagery helps us predict the price movements before it moves the market.

Our ‘boots on the ground’ approach with regular crop and field tours and reporting from Reuters correspondents ensure we are able to support the softs trading community with reliable information accessible anywhere and anytime.

Trade confidently with the data, insights, and analysis you need to navigate through evolving agricultural commodity markets

Our expert team of Sea Captains and Marine Technologists help us bring the unique perspectives on the floating trade of the world with real-time coverage of ship movements, port congestion, and route analysis provided in the visually interactive map environment.

Our expertise in standardizing, normalizing and structuring multiple data sources together to generate actionable insights is what makes our solutions credible among trading firms across the world.

We excel in ensuring anywhere, anytime access to the information needed in any digital format (via desktop, feeds, data hubs, cloud-based or in-house infrastructure) with the ability to integrate our proprietary or third-party data in a flexible manner. 

Use our data to grasp where the commodities market is, where it has been, and where it is likely to go next.



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