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Refinitiv agriculture Research

Refinitiv agriculture research

Our industry-leading data, research, analysis and modelling provide clarity in rapidly evolving agriculture trading markets. Refinitiv's leading insights enable agriculture traders to make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

Refinitiv Commodities Research helps you understand the global commodity complex and empowers commodity traders to make informed trading decisions.

Leverage sophisticated proprietary modelling and forecasting techniques to understand supply and demand trends and their impact on commodity prices.  Fed by fundamental data and the latest in weather, global crop and supply chain forecasting, our commentaries and publications give you the edge in commodity trading. 

What’s driving agriculture prices?

Major global supply risks continue to be seen far in advance by Refinitiv.

In 2021 and early 2022, the WAOB (World Agricultural Outlook Board) made several significant moves that shocked the market, resulting in major price movements. Refinitiv’s Agriculture Research team and Refinitiv’s clients were well prepared, given the long-range forecasts and viewpoints on crop production.

The complexities of socio-economic conditions, crop rotations, and uncertain weather affecting planting, growing and harvesting makes accurate forecasting a continual challenge.  Our team focuses on trends and conditions affecting corn, soybeans, wheat, rapeseed, palm oil, sugarbeet and sugarcane over the major crop producing regions, including South America, North America, Europe, Black Sea region, and Asia.

Our methodology blends decades-long historical data (weather and satellite imagery data, economic data, and area/yield/production data) with weather forecast data to produce objective yield and production estimates at least every two weeks on most crops the team covers.  Direct engagement with market participants, via calls to grain elevators and fieldwork, also play a critical role.

Weather maps highlight future risks on crops from temperatures or precipitation anomalies across key production areas all over the world. Maps like these help our meteorologists and you stay ahead of weather risks that could impact the markets you follow.

Our solution

Award-winning data, analytics, news and research 

Refinitiv Commodities Research helps you understand the global commodity complex and empowers you to make informed trading decisions.

Access a sample of free agriculture reports to get a taste of the quality information and analysis you can leverage within our flagship solutions.

Refinitiv Agriculture Research consistently delivers accurate predictions, even when crop production viewpoints initially seem well outside of market expectations.  Use the analysis, commentary and insights from our team to understand:

  • Planting, area and yield forecasts - with modeling based on socio-economic data, planting progress, weather, soil moisture, satellite imagery and crop condition scores.
  • The impact of extreme weather and a changing climate – with insight from in-house meteorologists and short- and long-term weather outlooks that are integrated into crop production analysis.

Access market insights and analysis with a selection of free agriculture market reports available for download.  

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Why use Refinitiv agriculture research?

Our dedicated team of analysts, researchers, in-house meteorologists, and agriculture specialists provide analysis and assessments of the fundamental elements of the commodity trading complex. We have the information that allows you to predict future crop price movements earlier and with greater success.


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Meet our Agriculture Research team

Our analysts have been forecasting global crop production for more than 10 years, first starting with the U.S. and South America before quickly expanding to dozens of countries and 7 individual crops.  


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