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Refinitiv carbon research

Refinitiv carbon research

Our industry-leading data, research, analysis and modelling provide clarity in rapidly evolving carbon trading markets. Refinitiv's leading insights enable emission traders to make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

Refinitiv Commodities Research helps you understand the global commodity complex and empowers commodity traders to make informed trading decisions.

With Refinitiv's carbon research and analysis, you can leverage sophisticated proprietary modelling and forecasting techniques to understand the supply and demand trends of emissions allowances, and the related impact on carbon and emissions pricing.

Read our in-depth and up-to-date analysis of the European climate policy pipeline and how the key proposals are likely to affect the market balance. Access unique coverage of China’s emissions trading system monitored and researched by our Beijing office.

Fed by fundamental data, as well as developments in regulatory policy around the world, our commentaries and publications give you the edge in carbon trading, so that you can make every trade count.

Our research

Award-winning data, analytics, news and research 

What's driving carbon prices?

As countries are raising their climate ambitions, and global greenhouse gas emissions are increasingly accounted for, the fundamentals driving carbon markets are changing. More ambitious climate change targets have led to emissions trading becoming an ever more important policy instrument in delivering emissions reductions.

While the world’s carbon markets can be seen as a series of sovereign jurisdictions, each with its own set of rules, the key characteristics are the same. Price formation is a complex interplay of near-term and long-term supply-demand balance, fuel prices, macro-economic trends, and policy and regulatory developments.

For the European carbon market, the EU ETS, the comprehensive reform from 2018 curbed much of the oversupply and triggered the start of a still ongoing price rally. It hass also attracted interest from financial speculators - those market participants who are trading emissions not because they must, but because they expect to profit.

Carbon Markets Annual Year in Review

Source: Refinitiv Year in Review 2021


Why use Refinitiv carbon research?

Our dedicated team of analysts, researchers, and carbon market specialists provide analysis and assessments of the fundamental elements of the commodity trading complex. We have the information that allows you to predict future carbon price movements earlier and with greater success.


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Meet our carbon market analysts and researchers

Meet the authors and contributors who share their expertise across Refinitiv Carbon Research, informing your carbon trading decisions.

Our dedicated research and forecasts team have built an enviable record of thorough analysis and accurate forecasting across the carbon markets.


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