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Trading insights

Commodities trading insights

The commodities markets continue to be heavily affected by COVID-19, with supply chain disruptions, soaring prices and volatility. At the same time, geopolitics and climate change are creating short-term challenges and driving long-term change. 

As we move through 2022, we will continue to dissect the long-term impact of the pandemic, discuss the main market trends affecting different asset classes, and evaluate the progress of energy transition.  To learn more, you can access our thought leadership from commodities industry leaders, as well as in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams.

A Refinitiv EBook Series in Partnership with Wired

The future of commodity trading

Across all commodities there has been a monumental increase in the availability of data regarding what is happening in the real world, when it’s happening and why.

Our series of eBooks explores how the commodities industry has been revolutionised by data and the steps needed to properly ingest, standardise, analyse, and visualise data. 


Carbon trading: exponential growth on record high

Anders Nordeng explores the factors behind the exponential growth in carbon costs, including climate targets communicated at COP26.

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