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Trading insights

Commodities Trading Insights

Commodities markets remain subject to supply chain and geopolitical disruptions, soaring prices and volatility, economic pressures and the effects of climate change. Beyond short-term challenges, these forces are driving long term change.

Our experts stay on top of market activity and underlying fundamentals to go beyond the news and provide unique insight. We dissect the trends affecting different asset classes, evaluate the progress of energy transition, and provide clarity on where markets may move next. 

Access our thought leadership for commentary from commodities industry leaders and in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams.

A Refinitiv EBook Series in Partnership with Wired

The future of commodity trading

Across all commodities there has been a monumental increase in the availability of data regarding what is happening in the real world, when it’s happening and why.

Our series of eBooks explores how the commodities industry has been revolutionised by data and the steps needed to properly ingest, standardise, analyse, and visualise data. 

Data management solutions for commodities trading

The Refinitiv Data Management Solution (RDMS) merges and normalises data across sources. RDMS serves as an aggregator of disparate data sources allowing clients to ingest data and content from Refinitiv and other third-party providers.


Leaders of the Unexpected

This is where the industry's most inspiring Master Commodity Traders go deep into the data, trends and insights that impact all traders and share their knowledge and unique strategies for success.

Watch the latest episode where Thais Italiani, Head of Market Intelligence at Hedgepoint Global Markets, shares her insights on the agriculture market in Brazil and the market dynamics for soy complex, which is so critical to Brazil’s future prosperity.


The Rundown Tank: Americas Oil

Welcome to our experts’ in-depth briefing sessions on the global and regional dynamics of the oil industry.

Will the COVID-19 restriction-lifting in China move the global crude oil balance? Should we anticipate a recession in the UK and Europe? Right in time for the Big Game, Corey and Jim take on and tackle 5 of the toughest customer questions on the current Oil environment and more in the latest episode of the Rundown Tank. Stay tuned for more podcast episodes.

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