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A Refinitiv EBook Series in Partnership with Wired

The future of commodity trading

Staying ahead of the competition in an increasingly digitised world.

Across all commodities there has been a monumental increase in the availability of data regarding what is happening in the real world, when it’s happening and why.

This series of eBooks outlines the key data practices and techniques that traders and analysts should be putting in place to thrive. It explores how the commodities industry has been revolutionised by data and the steps needed to properly ingest, standardise, analyse, and visualise data. 

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The future of trading – How commodities trading has been undergoing digital transformation 

Making big data work for commodities

From automation to AI, and coding with Python to democratised datasets, commodity trading is undergoing a digital transformation. 

This eBook explores not only meeting the challenge of an ever-growing data deluge but how to prepare for success. In today’s world, just having the data isn’t enough: it needs to yield results and enable decision making faster and more efficiently than ever. 

Our eBook series

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Learn more about the future of data and how technological advancements are revolutionising commodities trading.

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