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Commodities trading insights

In 2020, between lockdowns weighing heavily on demand, supply chain disruptions, and price volatility soaring, COVID-19 has impacted commodity markets in ways never seen before.

But as we have now entered 2021, it is the perfect time for us to try to understand the long-term impact of the pandemic, and to also decipher the main market trends that will become apparent in the coming months. To learn more, you can access our thought leadership from commodities industry leaders, as well as in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams.


The digitization of commodities

Aerial view of train tracks with hundreds of transport cars lined up on the tracks. Text on blue overlay says "The digitization of commodities: How to stay competitive in a new market era.

Digital forces are disrupting industries worldwide, challenging traditional competitive advantages, reducing market inefficiencies and opening entry to new players. This trend is now reshaping commodity trading. So much more information is available and accessible, and digital tools and analytics platforms are delivering the capabilities needed to process this data at speed. The result is unprecedented. Cross-commodity players are emerging to place their bets on the market faster. 


Hot and cold: Coffee market creates stir in Q1

Geordie Wilkes analyses the key trends in the coffee market during the first quarter of 2021, as demand increases following the COVID-19 pandemic.


Leaders of the Unexpected

This is where the industry's most inspiring Master Commodity Traders go deep into the data, trends and insights that impact all traders and share their knowledge and unique strategies for success.

Watch the latest episode where Thais Italiani, Head of Market Intelligence at Hedgepoint Global Markets, shares her insights on the agriculture market in Brazil and the market dynamics for soy complex, which is so critical to Brazil’s future prosperity.

Market Outlook On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 impact on European Power & Carbon Markets

Join our leading Power​ and Carbon​ Analysts to hear how the COVID-19​ crisis has impacted the European carbon and power markets, how they are shaping up and how they are expected to develop going forward. 

Global Oil Markets: A New Normal? Webinar Highlights

Hear the latest from Refinitiv and S&P Global Platts experts as they answer the following question: Was the WTI negative pricing just a one-off?

Palm Oil: Price trends 2021. Market expectations and sentiments

Joint webinar: Refinitiv and Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)



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