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Refinitiv Natural Gas and LNG Research

Refinitiv natural gas and LNG research

Our industry-leading data, research, analysis and modelling provide clarity in rapidly evolving carbon trading markets. Refinitiv's leading insights enable emission traders to make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

Refinitiv Commodities Research helps you understand the global commodity complex and empowers commodity traders to make informed trading decisions. 

Leverage sophisticated proprietary modeling and forecasting techniques to predict future natural gas and LNG prices. Fed by fundamental data as well as developments in regulatory policy, our commentaries and publications give you the edge in natural gas and LNG trading. 

What’s driving natural gas and LNG prices?

New trading flow patterns, volatility, regulatory change and economic uncertainties impact natural gas market movements daily in constantly evolving ways. 

Political instabilities, moves towards new energy sources, and measures to combat global warming are adding complexities to the supply and demand of natural gas and LNG. 

The increased unpredictability of energy supply due to intermittent renewable production and the complexity of modeling gas demand make it difficult for traders to asses future gas market price developments.

Systematic fluctuations in natural gas and LNG supply and demand complicate knowing when it is the right time – and right price – to make trading and purchasing decisions. Staying ahead of the market is critical. But you can only do that with the right information, available at the right time.

Our solution

Award-winning data, analytics, news and research 

Refinitiv Commodities Research helps you understand the global commodity complex and empowers you to make informed natural gas and LNG trading decisions.  

Access a sample of free natural gas and LNG market reports to get a taste of the quality information and analysis you can leverage within our flagship solutions. 

Our reports can help you understand the global natural gas and LNG markets and empower you to make informed trading decisions.

Read the latest analysis, commentary and insights that can help you comprehend:

  • Future pricing levels - view rigorously researched and timely statistics on the key drivers of LNG supply and demand, LNG imports and exports and global LNG production across multiple regions to stay on top of the natural gas and LNG market outlook.
  • The impact of natural disasters - read unique insights on the impact of major disasters on LNG production or breakdowns across the gas market supply chain.

Access market insights and analysis with a selection of free gas and LNG market reports available for download.

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Why use Refinitiv natural gas and LNG research?

Our dedicated team of natural gas analysts, LNG researchers, and gas market specialists provide analysis and assessments of the fundamental elements of the global gas trading complex. Our information allows you to predict future natural gas and LNG price movements earlier and with greater success. Access insights on the global LNG outlook, natural gas futures, LNG cargoes, LNG demand growth and more.


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Meet our natural gas and LNG market analysts

Meet the authors and contributors who share their expertise across Refinitiv Natural Gas & LNG Research, informing your gas trading decisions. 


Our dedicated research and forecasts team have built an enviable record of thorough analysis and accurate forecasting across the natural gas and LNG market.

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