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Refinitiv power research

Our industry-leading data, research, analysis and modelling provide clarity in rapidly evolving power trading markets. Refinitiv's leading insights enable power traders to make decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

With Refinitiv Power Research, you can leverage sophisticated proprietary forecasting models to understand supply and demand and their impact on power prices. ​

Our international team of analysts covers the relevant factors essential for understanding and operating in the power markets. With frequent weather updates converted to forecasts for renewable power generation and demand, as well as forward analyses, reports and scenarios, we provide a unique platform for monitoring the power market and gaining key competitive insight.​

What’s driving power prices?​

As the Green Energy Transition progresses globally, power prices are increasingly influenced by local weather and climate trends, as well as by national policies, the world’s macro-economic outlook and geopolitics. 

With renewables – especially wind and solar power – covering a rising share of power demand in several countries, exact and frequent weather forecasts and corresponding predictions for renewable power generation and curtailments are critical to understanding and predicting day-to-day power price development. In hydro dominated countries, the hydrological situation and expectations for its near-term development are strong additional drivers.​

Nevertheless, with fossil fuels like lignite, coal and gas still covering a large load share, their prices and short run marginal costs (SRMCs) have a major impact on power prices. As these energy commodities are subject to international trade, their costs and security of supply are influenced by the geopolitical situation as well as global supply and demand.​

Nuclear power generation is also playing an important role in the global energy markets. Planned and unplanned outages of this generation can drastically influence power prices, as it leaves a larger share of the demand to be covered by more expensive sources.​

Last, but not least, daily, weekly and yearly variations in power demand strongly affect prices. As such, the ability to understand and predict the interdependence of demand on weather, temperature and seasonal cycles remains of outmost importance. ​

Our solution

Award-winning data, analytics, news and research 

Refinitiv Commodities Research helps you understand the global commodity complex and empowers you to make informed trading decisions.​

Access a sample of free power reports to get a taste of the quality information and analysis you can leverage within our flagship solutions.​

Refinitiv Power Research provides comprehensive in-depth analysis to predict future power market development. Use the analysis, commentary and insights from our team to understand:

  • ​Market opportunities ​
  • Market risks​
  • Fundamental and political price drivers​

Access market insights and analysis with a selection of free power market reports available for download.  

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Our dedicated team of analysts, researchers, in-house meteorologists and power market specialists provide analysis and assessments of the fundamental elements of the commodity trading complex. We have the information that allows you to predict power price movements earlier and with greater success.


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