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Trading insights

Gain leading insight based on our unmatched access to data and human expertise. Our blogs, videos, special reports, research and thought leadership detail how the trading sector is embracing new technologies in 2021.

Traders across the world continue to adapt to the new era in trading as they advance their digitisation and transformation initiatives at a pace. Emerging technologies, rapid progress in automation and the need to demonstrate best execution are key drivers powering the future of the fast-changing industry.

As change continues to pick up speed, traders need to access best-in-class automated trading, alternative data and real-time analytics. There’s no discounting that tactical innovation can drive short-term wins. But long-term success and profitability will hinge on intelligent investment in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Traders that back innovation for today and tomorrow will be best placed to reap the rewards.

Here, we have brought together our top trading insights which are informed by the latest data and human expertise - to help you understand the key trading challenges and opportunities for 2021, and keep ahead of this fast-evolving, competitive landscape.

Commodities trading insights

Our commodities insights and research offer a view into the vast universe of data available within our solutions. We help you know sooner, act faster and make better informed decisions. Access thought leadership from industry leaders, as well as in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams.

Equities insights

The market seems to be priced for modest loosening of COVID-19 restrictions on the economy this year but a sea-change in activity next year for 2022. This is roughly consistent with the interest rate profile of marginally higher rates this year, but sharp increases that will start in 2023. Explore our insights to find out more.

Fixed income insights

The fixed income arena continues to evolve at an exponential rate, delivering benefits, challenges and opportunities for all market participants. Our thought leadership and insights analyze the current trends and challenges in the fixed income space, and we take an in-depth look at the burgeoning availability of fixed income market data to unpack some of the attendant opportunities and challenges. 

FX insights

The foreign exchange (FX) market is the largest sector of the global financial system with an average daily volume of more than six trillion U.S. dollars. But just as the FX market has grown, so too has the diversity of participants and complexity of workflows. Discover our latest FX trading thought leadership and intelligence you need to find answers you trust.


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