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Trading insights

Gain leading insight based on our unmatched access to data and human expertise. Our blogs, videos, special reports, research and thought leadership detail how the trading sector is embracing new technologies in 2022.

Traders continue to face unprecedented change in terms of new technologies and an explosion of data. Electronic trading, regulatory shifts, cost reduction through technology efficiency and the integration of disparate technologies will all be at the forefront for years to come with impact across asset classes.

Refinitiv helps you prepare for – and maximise – the opportunities that change can bring. We power your pre-, at and post-trade workflows with unparalleled access to data and pricing information, end-to-end solutions and exclusive partner content from the industry’s most trusted providers.

Being prepared for the next big things in trading requires a forward looking view of where the markets are going and the issues you’ll be facing.

Here, we bring together our top trading insights derived by our thought leaders – to help you understand the key trading challenges and opportunities to keep ahead of this fast-moving, competitive landscape.

Commodities trading insights

Our commodities insights and research offer a view into the vast universe of data available within our solutions. We help you know sooner, act faster and make better informed decisions. Access thought leadership from industry leaders, as well as in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams consisting of economists, mathematicians, meteorologists, hydrologists and sea captains.

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Equities insights

Given the evolving and global nature of equities trading today, the financial community needs to be able to make informed trading decisions with powerful news, data and analytics. Multi-asset liquidity sourcing, execution and trade management are also critical for success as traders navigate these volatile times. Explore our insights to find out more. 

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Fixed income insights

The financial industry is undergoing massive change as major central banks have set a deadline for investors to switch from LIBOR to alternative benchmarks or new risk-free rates. This is a complex undertaking and, as a result, Refinitiv is working on several initiatives to ensure clients can continue to work as the LIBOR transition develops. Our thought leadership and insights analyse LIBOR as well as other trends and challenges in the fixed income space. 

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FX insights

The foreign exchange (FX) market is the largest sector of the global financial system with an average daily volume of more than six trillion U.S. dollars. But just as the FX market has grown, so too has the diversity of participants and complexity of workflows. To reflect today's push towards the electronification of a highly fragmented and increasingly scrutinised FX market, traders need platforms that offer optimal transparency, maintain access to liquidity, improve quality of execution and are supported by complete post-trade solutions.

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