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Equities trading insights

Explore our insights to find out the latest in equities trading.


Will equity markets ever roll over again?

This week we look at whether the rally in the equity market is forming a fabled V shaped recovery, which is rare throughout history, but one that is now increasingly becoming a consensus view. Or are people simply extrapolating the magnitude of the recovery, which is itself a function of the size and speed of last month’s sell off? 

The Future of Trading: People and Machines

In the final part of our Future of Trading series, Quentin Limouzi, Head of Buy-side Trading at Refinitiv​, outlines how technology and machines are changing the landscape for traders by executing their work in a better and more efficient way.

The search for liquidity in buy-side trading

Equity markets are shifting when it comes to sourcing liquidity. Bryan Labelle, Director, Trading Capabilities at Refinitiv, discusses what the future of liquidity searching looks like for traders and how Refinitiv is helping in that search by enhancing access to liquidity and adding more security to the overall process.  

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