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Syndicated Loans and private Debt Podcast Series

Lending Lowdown

Refinitiv LPC's loan market podcast series provides credit market insights and views on syndicated loans and private debt.  Sessions are hosted by Refinitiv LPC analysts and feature industry experts.

Season 1

Episode 13: Is Commercial Real Estate the Next Shoe to Drop?  

Published on: May 15, 2023 • Duration: 7:41 minutes

High interest rates and falling property prices are causing turmoil in the commercial real estate market. The remote work situation is adding to fears about a shrinking demand for office space. With defaults on the rise and loans moving to special workouts, Fed policymakers and investors are worried the growing problems in the real estate market is a contagion for the US banking system. Host CJ Doherty discusses the issues with IFR Senior Reporter Richard Leong.

About this series

Lending Lowdown

Lending Lowdown is Refinitiv LPC’s loan market podcast series, providing credit market insights and views from the lending trenches. Its 8-15 minute podcasts recap syndicated loan and private debt market events and highlight thought leadership on trends and the latest deal activity. Through interviews with market veterans and insiders, Lending Lowdown provides listeners deeper knowledge of the stories and analysis covered in LPC’s real-time news and data offerings.

Lending Lowdown is available wherever you access podcasts.