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Refinitiv Nest for institutional brokers

Institutional brokers

Our full suite of trading platforms gives institutional brokers the performance and functionality they need to compete in today's markets.

Why choose Refinitiv Nest for institutional brokers?

For sell-side institutional brokers, Refinitiv Nest supports trading in the currency, cash, and derivatives markets. You can buy and sell securities for your institutional accounts using a wide range of execution algorithms, financial information exchange (FIX) connectivity, smart order routing execution, direct market access facility, sophisticated risk management rules, and directional execution, arbitrage and option strategies. 

Products for institutional brokers

  • Access a fully integrated ecosystem for securities that supports various types of front ends, automated trading systems and algorithms with exceptional throughput and scalability capabilities.

  • Manage pre-trade risk in line and before an order is placed on the exchange. The latency is minimal and does not affect high frequency trading requirements.

  • Execute across the exchanges with a complete trading workflow.

  • Configure your installation as a FIX hub and becomes a global destination of FIX order flows from various FIX sources and aggregators.

  • Build extremely customized directional execution algorithms without writing a single line of code with this comprehensive tool.

  • Discover the best price across different exchanges and route the order for best execution.

  • Provide direct market access to your buy-side customers with ease.

  • Get out-of-the-box algorithms and a simple, yet powerful, integrated development environment to design and deploy proprietary algorithms.

  • Innovate and customize your front-end development environment to your customers, available in Java, COM, C++ and REST API.

  • Play back historical or real-time data feeds to allow your retail customers to practice buying and selling securities without the risk.

  • Ensures reliable operation of all your trading infrastructure, including hardware, software, exchange connectivity, client connectivity, backups, and disaster recovery.

  • Delivered via news, financials, estimates, stock reports, and technical analysis.