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Sell-side trading

Refinitiv’s sell-side trading solutions offer your business efficient workflow support for all trading requirements, from pre-trade analytics, to execution of trades, all the way to  post-trade compliance and archiving support.

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Powering the financial markets for over 300 years.

As an LSEG business, we have evolved through centuries of innovation, progress and volatility to serve the changing needs of the sell-side trading community – providing essential trading solutions to the market for the last 300 years. We drive efficiencies for your business by opening up the breadth and depth of our data to work for you, creating better connections and endless possibilities for your multi-asset end-to-end trading workflows.

How we help

Bringing trusted and accurate expertise

We deliver multi-asset trading solutions designed for your business.

Equities trading

Our partnership with Quod Financial, a multi-asset sell-side OMS/EMS, provides customers with award-winning Order and Execution Management capabilities. Our clients can now access a leading smart order router (SOR), a full suite of algos, and real-time analytics for intelligent data-driven and automated trading. The fully managed sell-side OEMS solution provides a complete front to middle product offering encompassing data, FIX and execution networks. 

Keeping up with FINRA regulatory reporting requirements is critical to managing risk, so we’ve also partnered with Xinthesys LLC to simplify your complex regulatory reporting process. With decades of regulatory reporting experience, the Xinthesys ADEPT platform ensures broker dealers can focus on servicing their clients, leaving the regulatory reporting to the experts.   

Xinthesys works alongside the Refinitiv REDI EMS as well as Quod Financial’s sell-side OMS capabilities and is integrated with Refinitiv Autex Trade Route to leverage FIX connectivity at no extra cost.   

Our market data powers the end-to-end solution, ensuring consistency and price efficiency through the whole workflow. 

FX trading

Refinitiv’s ecosystem of FX trading market solutions helps our clients carry out their end-to-end workflows for trading forex, and award-winning platforms offer access to the deepest sources of liquidity on the market. 

Leverage Refinitiv FX Trading (FXT) as your single source of access to preferred FX trading venues with a seamless, end-to-end workflow for every trade. 

Accessible via FXT, Electronic Trading offers a powerful suite of e-commerce products to shape, configure, and automate FX prices to customers while streamlining risk management. 

Our desktop interfaces, trading venues, data platform and post-trade solutions empower you to establish and operate a full FX trading franchise, while equally supporting your clients and partners across your network. 

Commodities trading

Our dedicated commodities workflow solution supplies insight on both markets and prices across energy, agriculture, shipping and carbon.  

Using fundamentals, supply and demand, vessel tracking, storage, and alternative data sources in a structured manner gives either analysists, data scientists or traders the competitive edge over others. 

Along with one of the world’s largest repositories of commodities data, our strong team of analysts and exclusive partnerships enable efficient commodities trading. 

Fixed income trading

Sharpen your Fixed income price discovery with our wide range of pre-trade tools including trusted Reuters and International Financing Review (IFR) news. Connect to specialist data with exclusive pricing data from Tradeweb, ICAP, MarketAxxess, Yieldbroker and Markit, as well as interdealer brokers.  

With Refinitiv Eikon and Yield Book working together as one company under LSEG, fixed income professionals can combine Refinitiv’s market leading data with Yield Book’s trusted fixed income analytics to make more possible. Capable of handling complex fixed-income products, Yield Book is a trusted source for in-depth risk analytics, regulatory stress testing and portfolio analysis across global markets. 

With exclusive benchmark market data, market-moving news, unique analytical tools and click-to-trade functionality from Tradeweb, traders have a one-stop shop for their fixed income needs. 


What you get with our sell-side trading solutions

Be part of the financial ecosystem through LSEG. Our multi-asset trading solutions across commodities, credit, equities, foreign exchange and rates connect you to the tools you need to support critical decision making and trade execution.

Power your sell-side trading

As a time-tested financial markets infrastructure and data provider, we continue to connect you to the global trading community with unique news, exclusive content, insights and specialised data feeds.

Multi-asset class trading solutions

Trade equities, futures, options, FX spot, forwards, swaps or NDFs via our award-winning execution management systems.

Streamline and automate workflows

Reduce costs and increase functionality with our holistic data and execution management solutions, including FIX connectivity with all major networks integrated. Automate your workflows by leveraging AI and ML.

Open and code-friendly solutions

Code directly into your proprietary trading solutions, design your own data models and perform rapid prototyping using Python through our cloud-based, built-in development environment, Codebook.

Integrated post-trade tools

Streamline your post-trade settlement, transaction cost analysis, surveillance and notifications.


Our bespoke sell-side trading solutions



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