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Innovation and the fight against financial crime

As criminals become increasingly connected and innovative, you need to ensure that your business is protected.

The UN estimates that just 1% of criminal funds flowing through the international financial system every year are detected and dealt with by law enforcement agencies. New approaches are needed - and change is on the horizon.

This year, our financial crime report focusses on innovation, and we investigate how emerging technologies and new collaborations can help turn the tide against financial crime.

Phil Cotter, Managing Director, Risk Business at Refinitiv

Phil Cotter, Managing Director of Risk, on fighting financial crime with data, technology and collaboration.

Highlights from the 2019 Financial Crime report

The need for innovation

The fight against global financial crime is stalling and new approaches are necessary.

Drivers & blockers

Companies are embracing innovation, but obstacles still remain.

The power of new technology

New technologies and collaborations can turn the tide.

If we are to win the fight against financial crime we need to do more to invest in these new technologies, as well as the people who are charged with managing compliance and risk within their organizations.
Phil Cotter
Managing Director, Risk Business

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