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Global fund insights report 2020

ESG Funds : What are you actually investing in

It’s important for investors to look at what a fund is actually doing beyond just fund names and objectives – you might find yourself surprised.

This report looks more into the detail of ESG fund holdings, and why investors should take the time to look into the underlying stocks of funds’ they’re actually buying.

Access the full report to find out:

  • ESG funds path to responsible investing we examine just how green are they
  • Understanding which and why sectors are overweight within these funds
  • As these funds have been gaining more attention, how have they been performing compared to the market and their benchmarks
  • $33bn
    The prominent US ESG funds AUM
  • 19 %
    Of assets of top 10 performing US ESG funds are in FAANG Stocks
  • 4 out of 12
    Funds reported on did not outpace the S&P 500

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