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Digital Transformation Accelerating Results for Wealth Advisory

Join Shahad Makiza speaking with Global Head of Advisory Solutions in Wealth Management, Christopher Sparke, and Founder & President of The Rudin Group, April J. Rudin about the impact that acceleration of digital transformation in wealth management is having on firms. The discussion will include information about data tools, data sets and data workflow solutions.

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2020 has been a year of change, and the pandemic crisis has been a key accelerator in the decision’s companies have made in order to remain operational. In the advent of the virtual office, environment, digital adoption and transformation has been a top priority for firms.

Christopher Sparke, Global Head of Digital Solutions in Wealth Management, and Founder & President of The Rudin Group, April J. Rudin, join host Shahad Makiza to discuss this digital transformation, answering these questions and more!

  • How and why has the global pandemic accelerated this digital transformation in the wealth industry?
  • How important is it for wealth firms and their advisors to have a modern day workstation/platform that brings together the digital tools and data they need in one place?
  • It was recently announced that Refinitiv has partnered with UBS, building on UBS’s $3.5 billion annual spend on technology investments. What does this partnership mean for UBS and Refinitiv?

Join us on Wednesday, November 24th for the Refinitiv Perspectives LIVE ‘Digital Transformation Accelerating Results for Wealth Advisory.’

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