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How can smart technology make you happier?

Sneha Shah
Sneha Shah
Managing Director, Business Accelerator

How does the smart technology of the ModuleQ tool, powered by Refinitiv market-relevant data, enable you to make more efficient use of the working day, and leave time for the things in life that make you happy?

  1. There is now more data than ever for people to employ in decision-making. However, it can be difficult to pick out and refine the most relevant data.
  2. Integrated into Microsoft Teams, ModuleQ is an AI-driven business insights tool that predicts the news and insights relevant to each individual user. Refinitiv provides the data that helps ModuleQ to interpret which content is significant to the user.
  3. Using smart technology to create a more intuitive user experience means that people work more efficiently, and leaves time in the day for the things they most enjoy.

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The pace of life has never been faster, and it is unlikely to slow down.

Because of COVID-19, the world around us has accelerated in so many different areas. From virtual working, socializing and schooling, to the importance of socially responsible business; and from a heightened awareness of environmental impact to the rapid ascent of digitization.

This rapid acceleration brings with it greater pressure to make decisions faster than ever, and this is driving a huge demand for data of all kinds — alternative data, real-time data, connected data, analytics, and more.

The good news is that we have more information available than ever to drive decision-making. The more challenging news is that we have more information available than ever to drive decision-making.

ModuleQ and Refinitiv: Empowering professionals to seize opportunities faster with AI-powered insights in Microsoft Teams

At Refinitiv, we store 60,000 terabytes of data, deliver an average of 55 billion daily market data updates, and update 142 million data points per year.

To provide some context, one terabyte is 500 hours of movies, so 60,000 terabytes would be 30 million hours’ worth of movies. Imagine having to review even a small fraction of that to make critical decisions — and to do that each day — while juggling everything that our new environments are throwing at us.

ModuleQ. REUTERS/Simon Dawson

How does smart technology benefit customers?

This is where smarter technology can help support smarter (and happier) humans.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) has been in sharp focus this year. Advances in OpenAI’s GPT-3, to more discussion on the need for human-centered AI, and solutions that are able to provide critical insights when and where we need them are becoming increasingly important.

Refinitiv’s Business Accelerator has been working with a number of these solutions to find new ways to deliver relevant insights for our customers.

Microsoft Teams is a valuable platform for enterprise collaboration and has more than 75 million active daily users, and ModuleQ, an AI-driven business insights tool, has developed an app for this platform. Together, we are designing and delivering a more intuitive user experience that combines data, technology, and human expertise.

Relevant data and AI-powered insights

ModuleQ integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Teams.

Refinitiv provides the content, knowledge graph technology, and intelligent tagging that helps ModuleQ interpret the relevance and significance of content. ModuleQ’s AI predicts the specific news and insights that will most benefit each individual professional user.

To the user, this looks and feels like a smart assistant. ModuleQ learns the user’s priorities, while keeping their information private, and suggests relevant news and data when they require it, for example at a pre-meeting or morning or afternoon briefing, and does so seamlessly as a chat within Microsoft Teams.

Imagine an investment banker getting a proactive alert on a key C-suite change at a client office just before a scheduled meeting, or a relationship manager receiving a morning briefing on all key updates across their account portfolio.

How does ModuleQ work? How can smart technology make you happier?

We ran an internal pilot of this technology with our sales advisory council. Several of our front-line managers said the valuable and relevant insights they received helped them to tune into their customers’ priorities.

Our users tell us that this combination of ModuleQ AI-tools and Refinitiv market-relevant data, directly in their Microsoft Teams workflow, is making their day more productive in a virtual environment where they are otherwise inundated with calls, emails, and documents.

The time they are getting back in their day can be spent doing the things that they love and value most, resulting in smarter and happier humans.

Empower your people with just-in-time insights. Download our white paper to find out more about ModuleQ

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