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Refinitiv AI Alerts puts an ‘I’ in Teams

Damian Sasso
Damian Sasso
Director of Collaboration Services, Refinitiv

The COVID-19 pandemic has understandably impacted almost all aspects of our working life – putting collaboration to the forefront. Here’s how Refinitiv AI Alerts brings the ‘I’ into Teams.

  1. Microsoft Teams has become central to the hybrid workplace. It has made interactions seamless, humanised calls by putting faces-to-names, and allowed the sharing of data and ideas in real-time. Teams has joined other parts of life in gaining the user-friendly accolade of becoming a verb: “I’ll ‘Teams’ you.”
  2. With such rapid digital change over the past two years, and so much of our time spent on group video calls and in collaboration tools, it’s tough to blame anyone that is feeling some digital fatigue or thinking “I need more time to myself!” As we come out of pandemic lockdown, these tools need to evolve to make us more efficient.
  3. Integrated into Microsoft Teams, Refinitiv AI Alerts is a new AI-driven tool that provides news and insights relevant to financial services users, helping to increase their efficiency and reduce digital fatigue.

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The pandemic changed the world in unexpected ways, including embedding hybrid working. Resources such as Teams have made working in and out of the office both easier and more human – but they also bring an opportunity to give workers an information edge through AI-gathered insights.

Collaborative trading systems have been a critical part of workflow in financial services back to the introduction of Reuters Conversational Dealing in the 1980s, with financial users often dictating trends or following closely with the consumer market.

But the introduction of programs like Microsoft Teams represented a shift in the way people work across all industries.

Obstacles to adoption in financial services

It initially seemed as though financial services might be slow to adopt these tools, with regulatory, compliance and security-related challenges posing substantial obstacles.

The pandemic became a forcing function; driving institutions to tackle these challenges and fast-track adoption of cloud and collaboration technologies.

In just over a year, most institutions are well on their way to a new cloud and Teams-centric architecture.

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AI-driven insights

While the explosion in both data and digital collaboration tools has undoubtedly brought advancements in workflow, the digital noise that client-facing professionals now face has increased dramatically.

Employees now spend an average of 9.3 hours a week searching for information, so it is even more critical that the time we spend in front of our devices provides the highest value, with intelligently personalised content to help create valuable connections.

Developed to tackle this challenge is Refinitiv AI Alerts, a bot and app integration in Microsoft Teams that provides AI-driven insights for Refinitiv users on their most important customer interactions.

This is offered through a partnership with ModuleQ, a leader in human-centered artificial intelligence.

Refinitiv AI Alerts welcome screen

Refinitiv AI Alerts evaluates a user’s behaviour, meetings and contacts to provide daily updates of news content, breaking news, and pre-meeting briefings through Microsoft Teams for their most frequent customer interactions.

This includes the Significant Development feed from Reuters news, as well as links through to Refinitiv Eikon and Refinitiv Workspace for deeper analysis.

Refinitiv AI Alerts message

How can AI help users gain a competitive advantage?

This is particularly helpful for those in revenue-driving roles, such as corporate and investment banking, where an information edge translates directly into competitive advantage, wins and growth.

Users will be the first to know about important developments impacting their coverage areas and target accounts, ensuring they are prepared with real-time insights around the clock.

With AI Alerts, users spend less time searching, and more time using the information to inform their decisions and relationships. And to meet the security needs of the financial services community, this integration is deployed and self-contained to a firm’s Microsoft 365 tenant.Refinitiv AI Alerts afternoon update

Andrea Remyn Stone, Group Head, Data & Analytics, LSEG, said: “Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable platform for professionals across financial services, with institutions accelerating their adoption, and increasingly integrating critical data and tools into the platform to simplify the workflow and user experience of professionals.

“Refinitiv AI Alerts brings critical content and insights to Refinitiv’s customer base within this platform, allowing users to discover and act on timely information across Teams, Refinitiv solutions and Microsoft 365 seamlessly.”

This represents Refinitiv’s first integration into Microsoft Teams for our clients and an exciting step in our partnership with Microsoft announced last year.

The I in Teams? It’s A.”I”.

Find out more about Refinitiv AI Alerts, or to request a demo from our team


How can AI help Microsoft Teams users?

Users will be the first to know about important developments impacting their work projects and relevant data, ensuring they are prepared with real-time insights around the clock.