Adam Baron

Adam Baron

Director of Big Data Quantitative Research, Refinitiv

About Adam

Adam Baron is the Director of Big Data Quantitative Research for the Refinitiv San Francisco Lab (formerly StarMine Research).

For the past few years, he has worked as a full stack data hunter. His broad role covers the entire process: from identifying potential alternative data partners through the necessary rigors of big data engineering, to the final stage of quantitative model research.

His has explored many interesting content sets in search of alpha, such as footfall derived from mobile phone GPS, credit/debit card transactions, satellite images, retail product pricing and trucking fleet vehicle telematics. These diverse data sets require a diverse set of technologies, foremost among them are: AWS (SageMaker, Glue, Athena), GCP (BigQuery, ML Engine), Azure, Hadoop/Spark, Python, R, and SQL.

Prior to joining Thomson Reuters (now Refintiv), Adam worked on Wall Street in FinTech at Morgan Stanley. During that time he studied for an MBA from NYU Stern in the evenings. This sparked a new career passion for quantitative finance that complemented his computer science background.

Marriage eventually led him to the San Francisco Bay Area, which turned out to be the perfect location to learn about the latest and greatest artificial intelligence and machine learning advancements.

Outside of work, Adam spends his mornings swimming and his evenings enjoying the performing arts.