Douglas Munn

Douglas Munn

Head of Enterprise Real-Time Feed Propositions, Refinitiv

About Douglas

Douglas Munn is Head of Enterprise Real-Time Feed Propositions at Refinitiv.

He has led the group to upgrade of global infrastructure from our legacy IDN network and RDF delivery platform to our new Elektron network. After the successful completion of the upgrade, Doug has focused our Elektron Team on launching new technical delivery platforms across the Internet (Connect) and focused the team on the development and delivery of new data sources to meet the needs of the every evolving customer demand. The addition to the new data and simplified delivery options (including delivery over Internet and to Cloud users) for customers has opened the market to new customers globally.

Prior to his work with Elektron, Doug was a Global Technology Manager since 1999 working with our Strategic Accounts such as Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, Citi and Goldman Sachs. In addition to this, he managed many Enterprise products such as Triarch, RDF, Kobra and Eikon. Doug spearheaded our engagement by launching the Procare service at our major customers and implemented a number of service improvement projects that resulted in a large increase in overall customer satisfaction. He was awarded the CEO circle of excellence award in 2007 based on his results.

Doug was born in Toronto. He is married with two children. He is an avid golfer and sailor, and enjoys hockey and skiing.